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Gopher Trapping Stops Infestation that causes Large Mounds, Tunnels, Lawn Damage and Erosion. Our Exterminator will Trap your Gophers for full Removal of Lawn Damage at some of the Lowest Trapper Pest Control Costs in St Louis.


Gophers create the worse lawn damage of any common lawn pest (moles, voles, etc). And, when left alone, they breed and multiply, making the infestation worse.

How to tell the difference between Gopher and Mole Damage:

Gophers have noticable larger mounds. The size of both Laen Mole and Gopher mounds can vary. However, the differences in mounds are extreme:
  • A typical mole hill is about 3" to 5" wide by 2" to 3" high.
  • A typical Gopher Mound can be 1' to 3' wide and 1' to 2' tall.
  • Moles will often have convex tunnels (pushing soil upward) as moles dig just under the soil.
  • Gophers also tunnel, but theirs are several inches below the surface and aren't visible.

Recognize your lawn damage as Gopher Damage? see Prices.
Gopher Mounds
gopher moundsgopher damage

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At St Louis Mole Trapping, We Focus on Offering St Louis The Best of Both Worlds: The Lowest Costs and the Best Trapping Methods in St Louis Mole, Vole and Gopher Pest Control.

St Louis Mole Trapping is an in one Yard Mole Trapper providing Low Cost Mole, Vole and Gopher Extermination Services to St Louis City and County including: Kirkwood, Ladue, Ballwin, Crestwood, Manchester, Chesterfield, Fenton, So. County and more.

Call today and begin the process of re-claiming your lawn. 314.252.8653 (vole).

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